Man: April 5th is my birthday.
Georgiou: A Terran holy day.
Man: April 5th, 2063. First ever contact between Terrans and a Vulcan survey ship. But then your people slaughtered everybody on board.
Georgiou: Vulcans need to learn to stay in their lane sometimes and it's not like it's a HIGH holy day.

Man: There are very few species that do things simply to do them.
Georgiou: We're mostly untroubled by pesky motivations. Except for revenge. We do like that one.
Man: It seems you've created an empire based on the maxim,'Because we feel like it.'

Georgiou: Much as I like being fetishized... and I do... I'll answer your questions if you answer mine first.
Man: No, you won't really do that.
Georgiou: Correct.

The weakness of people is, generally, other people, isn't it?


My species is known for two things. Diligence and poverty. What little we get, we invest in our children.


Nhan: He broke open the seed vault trying to grow... a cure.
Culber: I think you mean a miracle.

Stamets: Are these values from a magnetic or a mass spectrometer?
Tilly: Duh
Reno: Which means magnetic.
Stamets: I know what duh means
Reno: Can we just irradiate your entire personality?

Willa: Your relationship isn't very professional.
Stamets: It's how we work.
Reno: I've been trying to raise the bar.

Willa: Dysfunction aside, y'all make a pretty good team.
Reno: Dysfunction is the team.
Stamets: We've just accepted it.
Reno: No, we haven't.

The Federation is its people. I can't separate the two anymore.


Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

I believe that here, there are answers for you. And solace for all of us.


Burnham: Words aren't enough, are they? Nine hundred and thirty years.
Saru: I trust that what matters most will have endured.