So you ARE leaving? Why didn't you tell us? You're lucky I'm so spiritually-centered, or I'd snap!


Unless we figure something out, first contact is gonna be us crashing into that planet. Okay, that's enough existential dread.

Captain Gomez

This is huge for your mom. She gets to dive into the unknown on a whole new ship! Gah, I never get to dive into unknowns.


Freeman: Did someone buy an alien mood-altering plant on the station of something?
Mariner: Maybe everyone feels like they should know more about what's going on on the ship. Like need-to-know stuff that they don't know, y'know?

Tendi: I saw her delete me from the system.
Rutherford: What? No way! That's crazy. You're like the nicest person in sickbay.
Tendi: I don't think that Dr. T'Ana cares about being nice. She's more into hostility. Argh, I should've been more mean!

[crying] They always tell you not to get too attached to your ship, but how could you not?


Boimler: Captain Freeman Day's only a week away! My decorations HAVE to be the best.
Rutherford: Isn't that a craft day for toddlers?
Boimler: Not anymore.

Mariner: I heard the captain's getting a promotion.
Boimler: Woah. Really? Good for her!
Mariner: Bad for us. I don't want a whole new captain. We could end up with some weirdo with a riding crop.

Boimler: Then we get to line up in the hallway, right? And then we all applaud while the captain walks off the ship for the last time.
Tendi: Oooh, that sounds great.
Mariner: It sounds like betrayal. But with clapping.

Ransom: Uh, this booth's full ensign.
Mariner: I get it. Yeah, I know, and you want to maintain the illusion of command.
Ransom: It's not an illusion. I'm your commander.

I know Cali class isn't afraid of getting its nacelles dirty. We just don't want multiple ships approaching at once, or the Laaperians might mistake first contact for a first invasion.

Captain Gomez

Freeman: You can't just bully your way into whatever you want. Why do you act like this?
Mariner: Because I'm a Kirk-style free spirit who kicks butt and super-intimidates people. You know that. That's why you've always protected me from being court-martialed
Freeman: You're not a Kirk. Kirk was confident.
Mariner: So am I!
Freeman: You used to be. But now the only thing you're confident of is that everything has to be a fight. You have to drop your defences and make some allies!

Star Trek: Lower Decks Quotes

Boimler: Romulan whiskey is against regulations!
Mariner: Yeah, because it's awesome.

First contact is a delicate, high-stakes operation of diplomacy. One must be ready for anything humanity is interacting with an alien race for the first time. But we don't do that. Our specialty is SECOND contact. Still pretty important. We get all the paperwork signed, make sure we're spelling the name of the planet right, get to know all the good places to eat...