Rios: Honestly, I'm a little afraid of it. Like if I use it too much, it's gonna ... eat my soul.
Raffi: Well, luckily, you don't have a soul.

Life begins. The dance of division and replication. Imperfect, finite. Organic life evolves, yearns for perfection. That yearning leads to synthetic life. But organics perceive this perfection as a threat. When they realize their creations do not age, or become sick, or die, they will seek to destroy them and, in so doing, destroy themselves. Beyond the boundaries of time and space, we stand, an alliance of synthetic life, watching you, waiting for your signal. Summon us and we will come. You will have our protection. Your evolution will be their extinction.

The Admonition

What you did... Shame on you, Agness. You put out a small, bright candle, shedding its light in a vast darkness. You owe a great debt.


Soong: I take it my face looks familiar.
Picard: I feel as if I am looking at Data.
Soong: Data if he had gotten old and gone soft. Must be disturbing. I know it is for me.

Arcana: This will help repair your ship.
Raffi: Uh, thanks. Um, what is this?
Arcana: It fixes things.
Raffi: Um, how?
Arcana: You have to use your imagination.
Raffi: My imagination? Okay. Thank you.

Dr. Alton Inigo Soong. Mad scientist. My father had me but he created Data. A fact he never let me forget.


They're just lines but they imply so much more. Grief. Endurance. Marvelous.


Soji: I guess I'm just trying to understand the logic of sacrifice.
Picard: The logic of sacrifice? I don't like the sound of that.
Soji: So you think there is no logic? No calculus of life and death?
Picard: I think it depends if you're the person holding the knife.

So are you here to help with the cleanup or do you just make messes?


Maybe all rationales for killing just boil down to fear, the opposite of logic.


We might run into angry reptiloids out there. Homicidal fungi... It's a thing! Or somebody's asshole Romulan ex.


Raffi: Something that massive falling that fast? The odds are not good.
Picard: Well, hope and the odds make poor bedfellows.

Star Trek: Picard Quotes

Raffi: Do you remember what we used to say back then?
Picard: One impossible thing at a time.

Data: Why are you stalling, Captain?
Picard: I don't want the game to end.