You may think you need me to get there, but after seeing everything you’ve accomplished, I have full confidence you’ll find your way. Because together, your potential is infinite. Now, go boldly.

Hologram Janeway

His name is Dal R’El. Is he genetically engineered? Yes. Was he enhanced in every way? Look at him. Of course not. But his heart is bigger than any in this room. I should know.


Dal: How soon until we can jump?
Jankom: It would take any engineer at least a day. But – haha - Jankom ain’t any engineer.

There was no way for me to leave. Over the course of my time with you, I’ve grown. Literally. My program has become too large, too rich and complex for some tiny little chip. It just wasn’t possible to remove me from the computer in time.

Hologram Janeway

Starfleet Adjudicator: Good intentions do not make up for Federation crimes.
Janeway: Good intentions? I know my prior statements about my experience with the accused were unusual, to say the least. But one year ago, not one of them had ever heard of the United Federation of Planets, yet through fate engineered by their own ingenuity, they set their compass to Starfleet and without their intervention, I cannot say with certainty if all of us would be sitting here right now.
Jankom: Go, get ‘em, Janeway!

The Protostar, named after the early stage in the formation of a star. Powered by it, we designed a ship that could explore the far reaches of our understanding in hope of finding others who share our ideals so that we may create a stronger alliance. Stack up those tests, the psych evaluations, interviews. They don’t hold a candle to what this crew has been through.


Jankom: We can’t destroy our ship.
Dal: It’s the only surefire way to stop the long-range subspace signal.
Jankom: No! We can’t destroy our ship because if our protocore blows, everything in a fifty-million-mile radius goes with it. Not even Murf can survive a supernova warp breach.

But you’re not just a hologram to us! You’ve got memories, a personality. You’re our friend!


Dal: How are we doing on that razzle-dazzle?
Jankom: She’s primed and ready to jump. Jump and explode, that is. Jankom’s not just an engineer. He’s a miracle worker.

Jankom: Gah, all this time, all the love we put into it and we’re just gonna blow it up? It just doesn’t feel right.
Rok: Think of it as… letting a young star become what it’s meant to be.

Vice Admiral Janeway: The Protostar is gone.
Vulcan: Ah, the one stolen by the criminals on Tars Lamora, yes.
Vice Admiral Janeway: You mean the heroes that saved our hides when we nearly destroyed ourselves. In their absence and in my presence, they get our respect.

The Federation is made up of over 150 member species. Dal’s DNA includes 26 of those. So, I ask you, is there a better living embodiment of what our alliance represents?


Star Trek: Prodigy Quotes

Drednok: Prisoner Dal Ar-El. What species are you?
Dal: Wow. Getting personal, borderline inappropriate.

Sorry, didn't quite catch that. You'll have to... chirp... a little slower.