Pike: We're holding to our side of the Neutral Zone, as you are, yet you demand our surrender?
Praetor: Captain, I have you surrounded. Surrender or we will destroy you. You have one minute to comply.
Pike: [cuts communication] You know, I don't like her.

Pike: What purpose will it serve to die?
Romulan Commander: We are creatures of duty, you and I. Just one more duty to perform. Do not be upset. I have accepted my fate. Perhaps someday my sacrifice will lead to an end to this conflict between us.

We all want to think our future is important, and ours -- yours and mine -- it is. Just not the way you think. Time is, um, it's complicated.

Admiral Pike

He's got things to do. Fate-of-the-galaxy-type things.

Admiral Pike

Let's just say I think the universe is telling me that some fates are inescapable. And even if I could get out of mine, it might just fall to someone else.


I believe I might owe you a debt of gratitude, Captain. Although, for precisely what, I do not know.


Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Admiral Pike: Your first pony was named Sir Neighs-A-Lot. He broke his leg in a rainstorm. Your parents had to put him down. And you cried for a week. Ever tell anybody that?
Captain Pike: It's hard when your tragic backstory starts with...
Admiral Pike: ...a silly name.

Captain Pike: Is this some kind of...
Admiral Pike: ...joke? No.
Captain Pike: How am I supposed to believe...
Admiral Pike:...that I'm really you?
Captain Pike: You ever gonna let me get a word in edgewise?
Admiral Pike: I knew you were going to say that. Does that help?