Vic: You have to apply Miller. You have to change things.
Dean: Why, why is it always us who has to change things or fix our faces?
Ben: Because it is.
Dean: And you still think by getting a seat at the table that I’m gonna change anything. Look at Gregory, look at Sullivan. No shade, but what has changed?
Vic: Yep, they say change the system from the inside, and once you’re inside, you’re part of the system.
Dean: The only part of this job that’s not corruptible, the reason why I left a cushy, corporate life, it’s the helping people part. So, I’m gonna help Joyce, and if that means I have to put my career on the backburner, then that’s what I’m going to do.

Sullivan: You know you could have had my back out there. Bumped me back to the probie seat, put me on bag.
Andy: Just doing my job, Sullivan.
Sullivan: Sullivan?
Andy: I’m sorry, is that not your name?
Sullivan: It’s Robert, at least that’s what you called me in bed this morning.
Andy: Stop it. I’m just trying to finish this report.
Sullivan: All right. Andy, look at me.
Andy: When we’re at work, I’m not Andy. I’m Herrera. You said no special treatment.
Sullivan: OK, but you’re gonna have to make it up to me at home, Capt. Herrera.

Dean: Have you ever thought that the reason why things haven’t changed for us is because we’re so quick to fix our faces?
Sullivan: It is what it is. They need us. We need them. Look, if you can’t work with them…
Dean: I can work with them just fine. I just don’t think I have to fix my face to do it. Nobody asks Batman to fix his face.
Vic: I’m sorry. Are you Batman?
Dean: Yeah, I am in this uniform. We all are. We’re heroes, and heroes don’t have to fix their faces.

Jack: Where you trying to die?
John: I was trying to fly.
Jack: But you must have known that you were gonna fall.
John: But I didn’t fall. I leapt, and for that moment of pure freedom, it was worth it.

Jack: John, please, you’re going to get hurt.
John: Is that a good enough reason not to do something? So you don’t get hurt? You run away from danger.
Jack: John, I’m a firefighter. My job is to literally run into danger.
John: But real danger you run from.

Carina: I didn’t want to call you when I was in the car with Andrea because I knew you would talk me out of it and tell me to make my brother stop, tell me it was dangerous, and you did, and you were right. And I still think… I feel like this is… why, why didn’t I stop it? This is all my fault. My brother is dead because I’m an idiot.
Maya: Hey, hey, hey. Listen to me, none of this is your fault.
Carina: Then whose fault is it then? Who am I supposed to blame?
Maya: Blame me. We have to get some of this off of you. I can take it. Blame me. I should have gotten to you sooner. I should have been there. Blame me.
Carina: Maya, this is not your fault.
Maya: Then why is it yours?
Carina: Because I let him on that train. I did that.
Maya: Give me the guilt. Give the blame. Give me the part that stings the most. Let me hold on to it for a little while, and when you’re feeling stronger you can have it all back. I promise.

Police officer: Hey, Miller, I just want to say I’m sorry, OK. What Snyder did that day…
Dean: You didn’t stop him. You saw what he was doing, you stood there, and you let it happen.
Police officer: It all happened so fast. I’m sorry. I reported him later.
Dean: I’m not even talking about what they did to me. It’s those girls. If we hadn’t gone in that building, those girls would be gone. You do understand that, right?
Police officer: I do. He’s suspended pending investigation.
Dean: Well, congratulations, man. You picked the bad apple of the barrel.

Dean: Here we go.
Vic: Don’t worry, they can’t touch us in uniform.
Dean: Yeah, that’s what pisses me off.
Sullivan: Miller, we need them. You’re gonna have to work with them.

Carina: I feel like there’s so much I have to do, and I don’t even know how.
Maya: What do you want? What do you need? What can I do?
Carina: I have to organize the funeral. I have to contact his landlord. I have to call the bank and sort out all the details and the paperwork. I have to tell my dad, but what I want to do right now is scream, scream until my throat hurts more than my head and my stomach and my chest. I just want to scream so some of this pressure goes away.
Maya: So scream. Do it. Let it out.
Carina: I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.

Travis: Why are you here, dad? You’ve never even see where I work.
Paul: Spare the dramatics, Travis. I just brought cookies.
Travis: Right, Travis, dramatics. Travis the drama queen.
Paul: Hey, you can come over and help your mother and I install security on the computer? Craziest thing happened. My Facebook page seems to have gotten hacked. Someone stole my picture.
Travis: Did they?
Paul: Yeah, who knows where that’s going to wind up.
Travis: Yeah, so this is how we’re gonna talk about it. You’re gonna make up a lie about why I saw a shirtless pic of you on gay dating app.
Paul: I don’t know what you think you saw.
Travis: Here, dad, maybe those cookies will help wash down all that shame.

Andy: Oh Warren, hey, I didn’t think you’d be in here today. I called in a sub.
Ben: I need to be here. I need to help people.
Andy: I get that. I’m the same way, but are you sure you shouldn’t…
Ben: Please don’t say it.
Andy: Be at home?
Ben: Look, my kids didn’t know DeLuca, and they just lost their grandmother. They don’t need all my extra grief up in their space.

Travis: You have a very gentle touch.
Emmett: Oh, we finally got the smaller swabs.
Vic: You know it’s not the size, but how you use it.
Emmett: OK, this is bordering on inappropriate.

Station 19 Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Travis: You have a very gentle touch.
Emmett: Oh, we finally got the smaller swabs.
Vic: You know it’s not the size, but how you use it.
Emmett: OK, this is bordering on inappropriate.

Theo: I saw the video. That’s messed up.
Vic: So, I’m usually the person that finds the good in all the bad. I’m the silver linings chick that cracks a joke even at the darkest of times to bring everyone back up, but…
Theo: Pretty hard to see the silver lining in that.
Vic: Yeah.