Mike: Let's hope One is dead and rotting.
Will: He's not. Now that I'm here, in Hawkins, I can feel him. And he's hurt. He's hurting. But he's still alive. It's strange, knowing now who it was this whole time, but... I can still remember what he thinks, and how he thinks. And he's not going to stop. Ever. Not until he's taken everything. And everyone. We have to kill him.
Will: And we will. We will.

Eleven: I have a way. A way to protect Max. From here. This is Max. When One attacks, he'll be in her mind. But I can do that too. I went into Mama's mind, into Billy's. I can go into Max's. She can carry me to Vecna. I can piggyback. I can protect her. From One. Fight him from here.
Argyle: Mind fight. Righteous.

Argyle: Hey, dudes? Ask 'em if we can ride in the baggage compartment.
Jonathan: The baggage compartment? We'd suffocate.
Argyle: Dogs ride in there all the time, man. They don't suffocate.
Jonathan: Jesus Christ.

No, no. Like I said, I... I've tried everyone. Yeah, TWA, Pan Am, Eastern. No, it doesn't have to be a one-way. I'll take one seat, if you have it. I mean, please, there has to be something that you can do. One of our family members is really, really sick, and I don't know if she's gonna make it through the night. Is there any way that you could just...


He showed me things that haven't happened yet. The most awful things. I saw a dark cloud spreading over Hawkins. Downtown on fire. Dead soldiers. And this... giant creature with... a gaping mouth. And this creature wasn't alone. There were so many monsters. An army. And they were coming into Hawkins. Into our neighborhoods. Our homes. And then... he showed me my mom. And Holly. Mike. And they... they were all...


Imagine, if you will, the barrier between our worlds is a... concrete dam. Henry is putting cracks in this dam. Cracks in dams create pressure. Left unchecked, the pressure will build. And build. And eventually, it will reach a breaking point. And the dam will burst. And when that happens, Hawkins will fall.


After the attack, you fell into a coma. Like One, you had pushed yourself beyond your limit. And it very nearly destroyed you. But that is where your similarities ended.


Owens: Can you hear us? Eleven. Can you hear us?
Brenner: No, leave her.

I see you've been looking for me, Nancy. You were so close. So close to the truth. How was old, blind, dumb Victor? Did he miss me? I've been meaning to check back in, but I've been busy.


Why do you cry for them, Eleven? After everything they did to you? Hmm? You think you need them, but you don't. You don't. Oh, but I know you're just scared. I was scared once too. I know what it's like to be different. To be alone in this world.


Do you remember what you did, Nancy? Or have you already forgotten? When I kill someone... I never forget.


Nancy: Are you okay?
Steve: Well, they took about a pound of flesh. But other than that, yeah, never better.
Robin: Uh, do you guys think these bats have, like, rabies?

Stranger Things Quotes

Nancy: What the hell are you doing?
Mike: I'll pay you back!

Dusty: Son of a bitch! Son of a bitch! Another stupid penny.
Mother: Dusty! Watch it, you almost hit Mews.