This plan is way better. If I knew Steve could knock out a Russian that would've been our plan in the first place.


Dude, you won a fight.


I don't care about Tina or Uncle Jack's party! Your mom's not gonna be able to find us if we're dead in a Russian elevator!


He's a child murderer!


I have to go back!,

Mrs. Driscoll

I still haven’t heard what’s in it for Erica!


You can’t spell America without Erica.


why are all these magnets losing their magnetism?


It is important to me that you feel safe. That you and your family feel safe. I want you to feel like this can still be your home.


We're looking at a full-scale Russian invasion, RIGHT here in Hawkins.


Max has dumped me five times.


How do I know what... I like?

Stranger Things Season 3 Quotes

Mike: Oh, my god. That was priceless. Did you see his face?
Eleven: It was like a tomato.
Mike: Yeah, a fat tomato.
Eleven: Yeah, a fat tomato.
Mike: I know. Me too. But I'll see you tomorrow, all right? First thing.
Eleven: Tomorrow.

Man: Comrade-General, we are close. You can see. You can see our progress. We just need more ti--.
[COMRADE GENERAL walks over to Alexi as one of his men grabs the man.]
Comrade-General: You have one year.
Alexi: Yes, Comrade-General.