Tookie: Dex called, she’s on her way here.
Grey: She’s always on her way here.
Tookie: From jail.

Grey: Yeah, but what about, you know, that thing you said about protecting your family?
Dad: Yeah, and sometimes that means protecting them from themselves.

Dex: What do we do?
Grey: Take the money and run.

Dex: Officer, why am I handcuffed to this bed?
Officer: Because you’re under arrest.
Dex: For what?
Officer: Murder.

You'd murder me then obsessively clean up the blood.


Hello. Drunk and defeated Dex Parios.


Dex: You didn't know him.
Grey: Did you?
Dex: Yeah, I did.

Benny: Dex, that's twice as much detergent as you need, maybe three times.
Dex: Maybe I like my shirts itchy.
Benny: But that was my shirt.
Dex: Not anymore.
Benny: God, I love you. I'm not taking it back.

Woman: You have amazing legs.
Kara: Thank you.
Woman: Oh, I'm sorry my partner and I were sure you were a unicorn.
Kara: Oh, first-timer.
Woman: Come find us when you're ready to play.

Cameron: You don't quit, do you?
Dex: One of my many endearing qualities.

Dex: I'm just so tired of running away from this, you know?
Grey: Then don't.

Hell has a mini bar.


Stumptown Quotes

Ansel: I wanted to see how much you lost.
Dex: Punk.

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Dex: Well you know what they say in Pashto, he who spreads his own goat dung is bound to step in it.
Guy: Pash-
Dex: To. Yeah, it’s what they speak in the stan.
Guy: Yeah.
Dex: Yeah anyone who actually served there would know that. Your dog tags don’t match the name on your credit card and nothing about your car keys says rental, so I’m guessing you’re not in from out of town either. I know you asked if I was from around here figuring we could go back to my place probably ‘cause there’s a woman back at yours.
Guy: Uh.
Dex: Hesitation, it’s when your body says yes before your mouth can say no, i.e., until you get your lies straight. I’m pretty sure only one of us is getting lucky tonight.