Harvey: Hey, if it's going to be much longer I could just get some on the way.
Donna: Hold your horses, Mister.
Harvey: That was the best cup of coffee I've ever had.
Donna: I told you it was worth the wait.

Rachel: Dad, what are you doing here?
Robert: I know I'm a little early, but I came here to bring you... a graduation present.
Rachel: This is a job offer.
Robert: Not just any job offer... an associate at Grand Calder Zane.
Rachel: I already have a job after I graduate.
Robert: Rachel, we talked about this. When you graduate, you're going to have to stand before the bar and pass the character and fitness test.
Rachel: And you think working at your firm looks better than working at mine?
Robert: Yes, I do.

Donna: That was nice.
Harvey: It was... and as much as I'd like to spend all day doing it, we should get going. Just do me a favor..
Donna: Harvey, I don't think you understand... I told you once this happened again, I don't work for you anymore.
Harvey: Donna, you can't leave me.
Donna: I'm not leaving you, Harvey. I just don't work for you.
Harvey: That's leaving me.
Donna: No Harvey, that's not leaving you. Jessica left you and you need to get it through your head that she's never coming back.

Oliver: I'm just right back there. There's about a dozen minature Deadpools on my desk... don't judge. It's a great movie and you know it.
Mike: I do know it. I saw it three times.
Oliver: You bullshitting me?
Mike: Of course I am. I wanna work here.

Harvey:Jessica, we have a problem.
Jessica: Not what I want to hear on my way out, Harvey.

You wanna thank me for having your back with Mike, then take this.


Let's get back to keeping this business alive.


Harvey: You just got out of prison. You're not in the mood for beer.
Mike: Yeah, you're right.

You're pretty quiet. What do you think?


Rachel: I think you should fight.
Leonard: Then that's what I'm going to do.

Louis, you are not moving another centimetre until Ronaldo comes in and puts that privacy curtain back up.


Donna: Oh, my God, Louis. Mudding is amazing. I actually just fell asleep for the last half hour.
Louis: God dammit, Donna. I didn't bring you hear so you could fall asleep while I'm pouring my hear out.

Suits Quotes

Henry Gerard is the one person you respected and didn’t respect you.


Sometimes good guys gotta do bad things to make the bad guys pay.