Lex Luthor: How are you alive? How did you do it?
Supergirl: How did you think I did it? I'm Supergirl.

Lex Luthor: As another world leader once said, "I don't see why men shouldn't be as cruel as nature."
Lillian Luthor: Try not to quote Hitler in public, dear. It'll hurt the brand.

Red Daughter: You betrayed me. You betrayed Kaznia.
Lex Luthor: What can I say? I'm proud to be an American.

Lex Luthor: Eve. This country, this planet. It's nearly ours. Can you feel it?
Eve: Ever since the moment I met you.

But still, I should have known Kryptonite alone could never kill Kara Danvers. Her heart, however, makes her weaker then Kryptonite ever could.

Lex Luthor

You wanted to save the human race. Instead, you handed its future to a psychopath.


You are so limited. Your life could mean so much and yet you fly around in a cheerleader skirt.

Red Daughter

Lena: Lex is planning on invading America.
Brainy: What?
Alex: You should have led with that.
Lena: Well, then you're gunna love this. Lex has a clone of Supergirl.
Alex: What?
Brainy: You should've led with that.

Jeez, this is America. You can't just kidnap a reporter.


Lena: Lex has created the very thing he fears most. Kryptonian weapon trained as a killer. And in Lex's hands, it's more dangerous than an atomic bomb. And he has it pointed right at America.
Kara: She is not an "it." Lex may have molded her but there has to be some part of Supergirl still in her.

Kelly: You care too much to fail, Alex. And you are going to be an amazing mother.
Alex: Did anyone ever tell you you should be a shrink?
Kelly: Mmm, once or twice.

Start with James Olsen because I would like to know how the hell he got superpowers.

Ben Lockwood

Supergirl Season 4 Quotes

I just finally feel like the world is good. And I so badly want it to stay that way even if it's just for a little while.


Oh my god, you're me.