That is a good point, Dina. It does sorta feel like society is set up by and for men and that any complaint really just sounds like whining.


That's all in the past. Sandra and I are besties now. There's no way I'm missing that wedding. I'd rather die.


Jonah: Who knew Cloud 9 would ever catch up to intersectional feminism?
Mateo: We'll look it up later. Don't give him the satisfaction.

Amy: I know that the union dying was really hard-
Jonah: Not dying, just napping.
Amy: Sure. And I'm really glad that you're still looking for something to fight for. But in the last month there's been the voter registration and the bricks in the toilet for water conservation, and that poor dog you rescued from his own backyard.

We don't get to relax! That's kinda the point. No, we got to work mopping up scum in your stores. And ruining our knees lifting boxes. And after all of that, we still can't afford rent. Or to go to a doctor when we're sick. Or to buy a car instead of taking five different buses to work.


Amy: So what does this mean for the company?
Maya: Big picture? Who knows. They tell me nothing. But for now, I just wanted to let you know, no more union!

Jonah: Honestly, I am still a little in shock. You must be too. You were convinced I was gonna blow it this morning.
Amy: No, I wasn't!
Jonah: Yeah! "Call me when you lose! K, bye!"
Amy: That is not what I said! I maybe thought it just a little bit because we always lose. Because corporate sucks. And everybody always sucks. Well, almost everybody. Not you. You did it.

Jonah: You're right. We can do this.
Amy: Yes! Yes, you can! You are smart! You got this!
Jonah: I love you. Thank you. Gotta go, bye.

Eric: You maybe wanna go out some time? On a real date?
Mateo: Sure.
Eric: Obviously, we can never tell Amy.

Jonah: Dina, we have to get you to the hospital!
Dina: Oh, you'd just love that, wouldn't you?! I'm not gonna give you the satisfaction.

There's no time! The orders just keep coming! I had to pee for two hours, and now I don't anymore! Where did the pee go, Jonah?!

I'm doing this new curbside thing. It's kind of like an elite squad.


Superstore Quotes

It was nice of corporate to wait an entire week before they reminded us we're just as replaceable as Mateo.


Jonah: I think he likes Taylor Swift.
Cheyenne: No, he's back to hating her again.