You should have scrambled.

Holly (showing her vote)

Jeff: What is it about the word scrambling, are you just too proud of that word?
Brenda: I think so.

Jeff: Purple Kelly, weigh in on this. Give us 20 years of wisdom.
Kelly S: I think this is the first tribal council that I've felt completely out of the loop.

Chase was running around yesterday with his head cut off.


[Chase] pissed me off to the highest point of pissedtivity.


[Jane's] got some serious superwoman strength in there.


Chase is sucking up to Brenda like he wants to get into her pants or something.


Chase: You never talk, really.
Kelly S: I know, it's kind of funny, really.

Why did Nay take him aside...on a volcano?

Kelly S

This is a day from hell.


Jud: What do you think is going down at camp?
Chase: I don't care.

That was fun as crap.


Survivor Season 21 Episode 10 Quotes

Something needs to change and it needs to change soon.


I think Sash and I being in control does look like a king and queen situation. But, Sash is more of a queen and I'm more of a king.