I know I lied to you and voted you out, but I have no boobs left, so have some mercy.


You have to weigh out your options at the end and things are not always as clear as they seem.


Kim: Thanks.
Chelsea: You're a beast. You're a beast.

Kim: Christina, sorry I've been lying to you for a long time.
Christina: It's ok.
Kim: You're the most resilient person I've ever met.

I feel like my head is about to explode.


I can't believe I'm still here sometimes.


This was my dream come true. I always wanted it to be all girls at the end.


Could this brilliant man, who's wearing panties on his head, be playing us the entire time?


If someone wants to take me to the end, I'll go.


Jeff: Tarzan, you're still here.
Tarzan: Only by the grace of God am I still here.

Jeff: We now bring in the members of our jury.
Sabrina: Oh boy...

Kim, with her angelic eyes, fooled Troyzan and Jay Bird, I'm sure they can fool Alicia.


Survivor Quotes

It's time to dethrone the king of Espada. Benry's here, baby!


Once again we have to endure the pre-tribal council before tribal council.

Boston Rob