I'm trying to find as many avenues to make the final three as possible. If that means making promises with every person left on my tribe. That's what I'm gonna do.


Chase, the look on your face is utter confusion.


Jud: It sounds like if I don't win again, I'll be next.
Jane: It's writing on the wall, Fabio.

The wrath of Jane will break out tonight.


Jud: How was it, buddy
Chase: It was great.
Jud: That was a rhetorical question.

Y'all know I just lost a vote in Fabio.


My swimsuit's falling off in that damn challenge.


Yeah, he made a million dollar decision today.


Evidently [Chase] think our useful life for him is over.


Chase's Mom: Are you hungry?
Chase: I'm starving.

Chase: What happens to the rest of them?
Jeff: They will be taken and executed.

Jeff: Fabio, who would you like to see?
Jud: Anybody, man!

Survivor Season 21 Quotes

I'm single. Single, single, single, single.


Everywhere you look there are dangerous things hanging from the trees.