At the end of the day, he thinks you know how to make the guests feel at home. It’s good for business. ... Maybe he finds you attractive. I don’t exactly know him right now. Regardless, I’m happy for you.


Simone: Oh, since it looks like you’ll be staying with us for a while, I hope you’ll be careful.
Tess: What does that mean?
Simone: The stairs.

Tess: Does everyone know [about Simone and Fred]?
Jake: No.
Tess: So, why are you telling me?
Jake: I don’t know.

Jake: I was defending you.
Simone: No, you were betraying me because nothing is sacred to you. I don’t need this, Jake. One day I’m just going to be done with you.
Jake: Don’t say shit like that.

Is this what you wanted?


Simone: I’ve been carrying you since you were 8 years old. What’re you trying to do, huh? You trying to punish me? I know you. No one else will ever know you the way that I do.
Jake: I know.
Simone: I forgive you.

Fred Benson: You and Simone deserve each other.
Jake: What the fuck did you just say? I will fuck you up-
Howard: Gentlemen.

Ari: Hey, stay out of it.
Tess: Oh, I know. I am. I’m trying. I just feel like [Simone and Jake] want something from me.
Ari: Just bang him and get it over with.
Tess: Ari-
Ari: Or her.
Tess: Ari, I’m serious.
Ari: So am I. You can’t have them both.

Jake: Why do you think about me all the time?
Tess: ...
Simone: Why do you think about me all the time?

We brought you something; it’s lavender from the Cape. Sometimes, when I know I have a challenging day, I like to stash it in my bra.


Sasha: You should return.
Tess: Where?
Sasha: Where the fuck do you think where? Wherever you came from.

Tess: Sasha, did you fall [off of the balcony]?
Sasha: What do you think, baby monster?
Tess: That was scary.
Sasha: It is scary.

Sweetbitter Quotes

When you move somewhere new, I guess you sort of get to take inventory of your life, and I wanted to be careful about what I brought here.


I knew if I stayed one more minute, I would blink and 10 years would go by.