I wanted to declare my intentions for you Maddie Shannon.


Jim: Then what's Terra Nova really about?
Mira: You'll see.

Lieutenant Washington was a nice lady.


I think they deserve to be part of something real.


Elizabeth: You think they'll make you serve out your time.
Jim: I sure hope not. I'm not scheduled to be released for another 85 million years.

You arrogant fool. You think I care about your forgiveness?

Lucas (to Taylor)

You're a traitor. There's no place in Terra Nova for you. I never wanna see your face again.

Taylor (to Lucas)

Taylor: The question is how does it end?
Mira: We'll find out soon enough.

Together we are at the dawn of a new civilization...no pressure.


So much to do.


Open your eyes old man, it's over. I beat you. I won.


I have an idea that might help us even the odds.


Terra Nova Quotes

He'll find a way. He always does!


Step 1, Dad breaks out of a maximum security facilit. Step 2, Dad breaks into a maximum security facility. Piece of cake.