Blowing a space station out of the sky to get others to join isn't exactly an inspirational Unity Day story.


Silence! The crimes of the Mountain cannot be answered by one man. Wanheda knows this. Her actions show us a promise for a new future. A world in which violence does not always answer violence. A world in which our children can flourish. Without the shadow of death. This prisoner is banished from my land. He will live but he will live with the ghosts of those he has lost. Haunted until the end of his days by the knowledge that he is the last of his kind.


Heda can speak for herself. Enough, Titus.


Clarke: If you want mercy, you're going to have to ask me for it.
Emerson [laughs]: I don't want mercy. I want revenge. I want you to suffer the same way that I've suffered. You can kill me, Clarke. You can never escape what you did. My pain is today. Yours has just begun.

You think you know us? You know nothing, girl.

Semet [to Octavia]

Kane: What was that?
Abby: Let's call it hope.

Kane: With Clarke gone, Bellamy is the key. I've been trying to reach him but Pike's influence is strong. And he really believes he's doing the right thing.
Abby: Everybody always does.

You couldn't have said something BEFORE I got kicked in the face?


We're building a life here. Not trying to make peace with people who only understand war.


My brother is on the wrong side.


Lexa: So blood must not have blood applies only when it is my people who bleed.
Clarke: That was about stopping a war. This is about finishing one.

Lexa: We need to discuss the fate of the last mountain man.
Titus: I believe he deserves death.
Lexa: She can speak for herself, Titus.

The 100 Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Jaha gave me the key to the City of Light, Abby. Not drugs.


Your legacy will be peace.

Clarke [to Lexa]