Time to get back to work, Raven.


Indra: Commander, you can't seriously be considering this.
Lexa: I'm not considering it. I'm doing it.
Indra: Heda, please--
Lexa: Indra, our people act as if war is easier than peace. If that's so, should we not try and achieve the more difficult goal?
Indra: Polis will not support you. Titus--
Lexa: Titus is my subject. They're all my subjects! Do you say they will defy me? Will you defy me?
Indra: No, Heda, I will not.
Lexa: Then let it be known. Blood must not have blood.

Jaha: I can help you, Raven.
Raven: Don't. Alright? Everyone thinks they have an idea how to help me feel better. Stay in camp. Only do jobs where I can sit down. Ask every time I need something on a high shelf. But you know what? I'm not that person. People think I can just change and my pain will go away. But I can't. I can't do that, and I can't do this!

Bellamy: You left me. You left everyone.
Clarke: Bellamy--
Bellamy: Enough! Clarke, you are not in charge here. And that's a good thing because people die when you're in charge. You were willing to let a bomb drop on my sister. Then you made a deal with Lexa who left us in Mount Weather to die and forced us to kill everyone who helped us. People who trusted me!

Clarke: This isn't who you are.
Bellamy: You're wrong. This is who I've always been. And I let you and Octavia and Kane convince me that we could trust these people when they've shown over and over who they are. And I won't let anyone else die for that mistake.

Clarke: Please tell me that going to war is not what you want.
Bellamy: We've been at war since we landed. At least Pike understands that.

Bellamy: Look at yourself. It is time to stop playing Grounder before you get yourself hurt.
Octavia: I'm not "playing" anything, this is who I am. You're my brother, I shouldn't have to tell you that.

In this world, when people leave, they don't come back.


Drifter Grounder [in Trigedasleng]: May those you love be eaten by wolves before your eyes.
Murphy: What did he say?
Emori: He said you're cute. For a thief.
Murphy: Too bad, he's not really my type.

Death is not the end.


Welcome home, Thelonius. Let's begin.


You can still be useful.

Abby [to Raven]

The 100 Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

We went too far.


Pike: This morning on the muddy field our people paid tribute to those who have been taken from us by sending a message to the Grounders: "This land is OURS now! Resist and you will be met by force. Fight and you will be greeted by death." Today is a new beginning. Mark it down, remember it -- just like the Grounders will remember it.