Ontari: Announce my ascension.
Roan: You don't have the flame, Ontari.
Ontari: Don't talk to me as if I'm a fool, Roan. No one knows that.

Titus: This abomination will never ascend.
Ontari: Kill him.

Octavia [in Trigedasleng]: We fight together.
Lincoln: I love you.

I have a message for the traitors in this camp. There will be an execution today. Either turn yourselves in or the other Grounder prisoners will die in your place.


Kane: May we meet again.
Abby: We will.

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Hannah: Monty! What are you doing?
Monty: Saving my friends.

Your duty is to the flame now... fleimkepa.

Titus [to Clarke]

Clarke: There's another Nitblida, isn't there?
Titus: Yes. She fled. A coward and a traitor to the blood. Lexa refused to let me hunt her down. She's unworthy of the flame.
Clarke: More unworthy than Ontari?

Abby: I can't do this again.
Kane: Don't make this any harder than it already is.

Miller: What? Pike? I know, he saved your life out there, you owe him.
Bryan: Okay, but I love you.
Miller: Yeah, well, you can't have both of us.

I win.

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May we meet again.

Lincoln [in Trigedeslang]