Phil: You don't know whether to high five or hug.
Jordan: I like to hug.

We've won three trips and we can both say we ain't going with each other. We're going with someone else.


Can we get some shooting? Kick a door in? Chase a crack head? Something...

Michael (referring to the challenges)

This is not my forte. Can we have a shooting challenge, please?


Being the gay male that he was, he was in heaven, he loved it. He was right in their shopping.

Michael (referring to Jordan)

What kind of detectives are we? We walked right by the place.


Jet: You could have a career in fashion design. You could be a natural.
Cord: Might be.

Don't let the clothes fool you - We're in the fashion world.


They are NOT afraid to build tall buildings in the east.


So apparently smoking will stunt your growth.


I feel like I'm in the movie 'Behind Enemy Lines'


If he jumped out of your trash can, he'd scare you half to death

Jet (referring to He Pingping)

The Amazing Race Season 16 Episode 10 Quotes

I'm flipping out that I'm the last girl standing.


Dan: I hate him just as much now as I did before.
Jordan: I love him just a little bit more now because he's making my dream come true.