I made my little brother's dream come true.


I am handling it. Obviously. I'm the one standing here, not you.

Caite (to Brandi)

Is there a rodeo going on at Candlestick Park?

Cab Driver (to Jet and Cord)

Brent, where's our money and stuff?


I'm gonna get one of these Star Wars guys to take you out.

Cord (to Jordan)

I'm not a real video game guy. More of a Boston sports guy.


Cord: Not too talkative are they?
Jet: Kind of pissy.

Daniel and his ability to make friends came in big for us today.


I wanna punch you in the face.

Caite (to Brent)

Why are we in America and no one speaks English?


People who ride bicycles are smart. It's a general rule.


If [Dan and Jordan] want to drop the gloves, I can drop the gloves.