Jet: Who's that in front of us?
Cord: I'm pretty sure it's the globetrotters because I can't hardly see their heads.

Ron: This was crazy. I didn't realize there were that many people for a midnight flight.
Christina: Welcome to India.

Justin: Kolkata, it's insane.
Zev: Kol-crazy!

I already love India!


Are you kidding me? More China? Get us out of here?


Still in China?!?

Big Easy

We're going to a Chinese tea shop, so we're not out of China.


Do we need to take our hats off for this?


No! We're staying in China.


Double U-turn that, baby.

Big Easy

We passed them old dirty red heads.

Flight Time

China - it's like Hawaii all over again.


The Amazing Race Season 18 Quotes

We're easy on the eyes too. If I had to look at me for hours, I would.

Big Easy

the last time we were in the race Big Easy got us eliminated.

Flight Time