It's a shame it took Gus dying for a president to give him his due.


Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about Paris. But this, this is all I ever wanted.


Gordo: Well, I'm not sure how I eel about you being away so much.
Trudy: Well, I'm not asking for your permission.

Looks like the astronauts are going to be having leftovers tonight, because we're not leaving until something's done about our demands.


No one expects you to save him. You just have to show up, walk through the door, and be there.


I've never been out of the country. And neither has Gus, expect to go to war... or up in to space.


Well it might be a bit distracting when a fourth kid shows up at the dinner table.


Rene: I've never been to space, Scott. I don't know what's out there.
Scott: So what are you going to do?
Rene: I'm gonna find out.

When President Kennedy set our sights on the moon, he did more than set a national goal. He helped us to dream.


Louise: You could die.
Alan: I could always die. I'm an astronaut.

Pat: Oh no, I don't drink in the day.
Jo: But half your life is in the day.

I mean, hell, I've already been to space. Maybe the next frontier is right here on earth.


The Astronaut Wives Club Quotes

I'm about to be forced into bridge and bake-sales with a bunch of wives. Hard to say who's facing the bigger challenge.


Rene: I love your dress. Tres chic.
Louise: And yours. Tres pink.