Kristy: Do you want us to see him?
Liz: It’s totally up to you, individually or collectively, whatever you decide.

Kristy: He reached out so it must be important to him. Why not give him the benefit of the doubt, right?
Mary Anne: Are you sure you’re okay with this? With your dad?

Do you think the kids don't know how selfish their father is? What can you say about a guy that abandoned his family? Who disappears for years at a time, and suddenly announces he's coming to visit and then stands up his own kids?


Watson: We are in this together girl
Kristy: No, we are not.

This is the outfit Mimi made. It still looks brand new.


Kristy: I'm sorry about the new baby.
Liz: That was hard to hear at first.

Mary Anne: Please listen and stop trying to distract yourself from feeling your grief.
Claudia: I don't want to feel my grief! My grief feels horrible. My grief feels like
Mary Anne: Like what?
Claudia: Like my chest is going to explode. Like I can't breathe. Like no one understands

Claudia: I came in here to be alone and grieve and deal with my feelings and here you are stealing her stuff.
Janine: No one is stealing anything. She was my grandmother too.

Claudia, how are you doing, sweetheart? I'm so so sorry.

Mrs. McGill

I don't want to be here now.


Claudia: I have to bring Janine tea? What am I her maid? Why doesn't she just learn how to make it herself?
Mimi: Because you are learning to make it for the whole family.

I'm not grateful to her. I'm in love with her! She’s my girlfriend, Claudia.


The Baby-Sitters Club Quotes

You know you can always talk to me, right? Anytime you want.


it was all really nice, but to me, family was when you could put your feet up and eat dry cereal out of the box with your hands. This was not that no matter how much fruit salad my mom made.