Wayne: Hot take. Incidiery. En fuego.
Monica: What is it?
Wayne: You're in love with Nick.
Monica: What?
Wayne: I said what I said.

Ladon: Destiny made Brittany fall through a hole, so that Monica could be an honorary member of the House of Lush.
Aja: Sounds about right.
Travell: Truth.
Monica: Precisely.

Brittany: I'm going to show those people. Season two I'm going to be a total sweetheart.
Justin: Season two, did you hear something?
Brittany: I mean, the word of mouth is pretty good.

Brittany: We all know that you're going to go off to Paris and cheat on him.
Justin: No, I'm not! Everyone is not a horrible person, Brittany. I'm so monogamous that I dated a woman for four years.

Kevin: I love you. I hope you know that.
Julia: I'll always love you too.
Kevin: This is really it, isn't it?
Julia: Yeah.
Kevin: Thank you for being the mother of my children.

Gabby: So, I made up this hokey ending where Odette has to love herself, but I was a fraud. See, I don't remember a time when I looked in the mirror and didn't want something to be different or I wasn't beating myself up about something I said or I did, but being on this show playing the White Swan and having all these dancers support each other, it's just, I got it. It happened. I was able to feel love for myself.
Nick: And what did that feel like?
Gabby: In that moment, I felt about me the way I felt about Sam. I want to protect me, and I love myself. And I was proud of myself, and it was suddenly so clear that there was always a chance for everbody, and you just can't always see it right away.
Nick: How do we get that feeling to last?
Gabby: I don't know. Practice. Surrounding yourself with the right people.
Nick: That sounds just right.

Wayne: The show was wonderful, and you did that. You did that!
Monica: You did, too. We all do. Not everything worked out, of course, but we did pull off something great, and I'm very proud of my dancers. I hope we get to do it again.

It's from Paula's lawyer. She left me everything. Nick, it's millions of dollars.


Wayne: You pulled off something wonderful, Nick. You made magic. You know, I feel like you raised the floor of your humanity.
Nick: Sure, Wayne.
Wayne: Will you be joining us next season to see where our story goes?
Nick: Yeah, I wouldn't trust anyone else. It's going to be full of surprises.

Nick: Oh, thank you for getting those flashlights today, you saved the day.
Brittany: Yeah, no problem. I love to be of service.
Nick: You pick up anything else while you were there?
Brittany: You know.
Nick: Is it Reggie's? Yes!
Brittany: What are you going to do?
Nick: Could present some interesting opportunities depending on what you decide to do, you know if you want to stay on TV a little bit longer? Maybe in a bigger role?
Brittany: So I'm the villain again. Everybody's going to hate me.
Nick: No, come on, everybody loves to hate you.
Brittany: Wow, you really are the wizard.
Nick: Oh, you're sweet.

Nick: Hey, Gabby. What you did for the show is beyond impressive. So how do you feel about joining season two as a cherographer?
Gabby: Seriously?
Nick: Mmhmm.
Gabby: Oh my God, Yes. What about Monica?
Nick: Oh, she could use the help. Besides a little healthy competition never hurt anybody. I got a great story arc planned for you.

I know you told me to stay in the Greenroom but I want to be your Prince, and I need to tell you something. I came onto this show looking for a second show in my career, but the second chance I found was you. I should've never put myself in the position to mess up what we have, and I hate that we did. Look, I know that I broke your trust, but I will work every day to try to change that because Gabby, I love you.


The Big Leap Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Brittney: What did I do to deserve this, you know?
Nick: What do you think you did?
Brittney: Well, lots of stuff.

It was shaping up to be a tornado of diarrhea. Category five.