Harold: I understand. You're worried that Gerard will expose you.
Red: Like a Central Park flasher!

Mierce: Why was Weecha with you? She was supposed to rest and recover.
Red: She followed me against my advice. I have no control over the women in my life nor do I seek it. You're both free to come and go as you please.

Marvin: I never wanted any of this.
Red: You sure have an odd way of showing it.

I hope your story is good. Your life depends on it.

Red [to Marvin]

I never did anything to Elizabeth. You have to believe me.


Marvin: Where do we start?
Red: We start on the plane.

Raymond says a lot of things.

Mierce [to Marvin]

Gentlemen, no one can rob a bank that's always on the move.

Gramercy [to potential clients]

Aram: You look incredible.
Samar: You look like hell.

The vengeance is like a virus. Soon everyone close to you becomes infected. And still you won't stop.

Mierce [to Red]

Ressler: How many times have you done this?
Aram: Enough.

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Whoever's behind this, I'm keeping you out of prison, whatever it takes.

Ressler [to Harold]

The Blacklist Quotes

If you want your enemy to become your friend, create a problem for them and then solve it.

Mr. Kaplan

Marvin: You know, Raymond, I am not surprised that you did not anticipate the raid. You have been distracted.
Red: Looking for the person responsible for Elizabeth's death is hardly a distraction.