The next time we meet, I'm gonna make a pair of boots out of you.

Rollo (to Scales)

I'm gonna play billiards with your head.

Scales (to Rollo)

Stay out of this Vince. Don't make me show you crazy.


I like the utility belt

Call the Gecko.

Are we brooding? Or suiting up?


You coming after my camera placement? Seriously, you do not want to come after my camera placement.


You just made a big mistake. You just made me remember you.


The show must go on. And the gut must come off.


Straight jackets fall off me as easy as a prom girl's dress.


So I open the door for you and this is the thanks I get.

The cape is just a tool. It alone won't get you home, only Vince Faraday can do that. Don't ever forget who it is that's wearing the cape.


The Cape Quotes

We are in the middle game. Pawns become crucial and out of your inexperience, you left your king vulnerable.


Police Chief: I hope that Chess character had a front row seat.
Chess: Backstage Pass.