Brenda: David, you went over my head.
Gabriel: Yes I did.
Brenda: I'll try to make sure you never feel the need to do that again.

Brenda: How did I get this all so wrong?
Fritz: Because you're used to siding with the victim. That's how addicts see themselves when they're using. Nothing, nothing is ever their fault.

Coroner: It took her about an hour, to die.
Provenza: Well, maybe she was unconscious.
Coroner: We can hope.

Brenda: Where'd you get this?
Sarge: You just put it on the table.

You know, it's a little early for you to start acting like I don't matter anymore. I mean, you may be right; but then again, you may be wrong.

Chief Pope

Brenda: If anyone wants sweet potatoes, pass your plates down.
Raydor: I did the marshmallows on those.
Brenda: Oh, did you? They're kinda burnt.

Provenza: I hate to interrupt, but it is the holiday, and any minute now we're going to be bombarded with suicides, and I don't want to see this dinner go to waste.
Mr. Johnson: Amen!

Shut up, you freak.


Brenda: Any luck getting my present from you?
Fritz: You didn't really think I was going to find an Albanian translator on Christmas Day, did you?
Brenda: Oh, I ask you for one thing...

Coroner: You know that moment every year when it suddenly begins to feel like Christmas?
Brenda: Yes.
Coroner: Not happening to me.

Fritz: Is there anything special you want from Santa this year?
Brenda: Maybe an Albanian translator?
Fritz: Oh, you are so hard to shop for.

Brenda: I understand, Doctor, but there is a child involved here and we have to find out who killed his mother.
Doctor: God, that's terrible. In fact, it's stories like that that I am going to be completely forgetting while I'm in Palm Springs.

The Closer Season 6 Quotes

Gabriel: I just ran into Captain Raydor in the hallway and she said hello to me.
Provenza: She's up to something.

So there is a hell.