You'll see it through?

David [to Price]

David: What you just did was illegal.
Anthony: I didn't do anything wrong. It was for school.

Henry: [David's] a monster. Look what he's done to us.
Luke: He was a monster that you made.

What is that old saying? The past is never where you left it.

Father John

Catherine: How is this real?
Det. Johnson: He had everything figured out, Catherine.

Det. Johnson: What did you talk about?
Catherine: Our mothers ... our mother.

Years worth of planning and you destroy it in a heartbeat, for cats.

David [to Price]

Helen: Where is he?
Luke: He's not here.

Susan: Hey, Paula. Charles had something urgent come up. Until he gets back, you're my lead.
Paula: Got it.

Luke: What's his connection to [Maggie]?
Henry: There is no connection to her or any of the rest of us. He's a psychopath. He put a photograph in a cat to prove he had Anthony.

Fred: You know you could lose your job for that.
Catherine: I don't care.

Catherine: Dad's not doing well. He had a panic attack and they're worried about his heart.
Luke: Why the hell should I care?

The Disappearance Quotes

Henry: So do you want to tell me your version of events before she gets here.
Anthony: I didn't do anything wrong.
Henry: That's your story and you're sticking to it?

Little wiseass.