Dia: Sevvy told me you were a bitch.
Maya: From him, I’ll take that as a compliment.

We’re screwed. We’re so far passed screwed the light from screwed will to take a thousand years to reach us.


Wolf: This is not eight years ago, Sevvy. I worked a miracle in that first trial because the whole world loved Sevvy Johnson.
Sevvy: They still love me.
Wolf: Oh yeah, in Japan and Bulgaria, not our jury pool. Maya 2.0 just stuck a knife in what little reputation you have left.

You think you pay me a lot. You don’t pay me enough.


You know what the scariest thing about you is? You’re a brilliant liar. You make everybody want to believe you.

Gabe [to Sevvy]

Alan: I had an a-ha moment. The reason you were so determined to bring Maya back for this case, you’re covering your ass. You want her to take the hit if this thing turns into a crap show which it is rapidly doing.
Matthew: I would never throw one of my lawyers under the bus.
Alan: Right. Right. I figured it out. How long before Maya figures it out too?

Star: I know you used to hit Mom. I remember
Sevvy: I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life, baby, and for many reasons, I was an angry man back then but that’s not who I am anymore, darling.
Star: Did you ever hurt Jessica?
Sevvy: Never.
Star: I believe you. I believe you.

This case is not about race, it’s about domestic violence. Sevvy Johnson killed Jessica Meyer and we are going to prove that.


Sevvy: You said he killed her.
Wolf: I say a lot of things. You can’t afford to buy into my hype. Keep your eye on the ball.
Sevvy: You still think I did it.
Wolf: It doesn’t matter what I think. Just play the game.

Our office is being out investigated by Ezra Wolf. He’s killing us in the press. Do you know how bad this looks for me?


Evidence doesn’t lie, people do.


It’s been eight years, Maya, there’s a lot you don’t know. No phone calls, no texts, not even a Christmas card. I don’t know you anymore, Maya, and you sure as hell don’t know me.


The Fix Quotes

Wolf capitalized on 400 years of racial injustice and a celebrity client who knew how to break out a megawatt smile.


CJ: You did everything you could, Maya.
Maya: I wish that mattered.