Annie: I'm sorry I took off the ring.
Max: I'm sorry you took off the ring, too.

Gabrielle: Should we let the North Koreans know that we have a lead?
Esteban: A lead won't get us the bounty. We need eyes on Megan Briscoe in Iceland first.
Annie: Megan Briscoe? Like, Cassie's flight attendant friend, Megan Briscoe? Why the hell would you home-invade Cassie's place if you're just... looking... Wait. Do you think they're not even after Cassie?
Max: I don't know who they're after, but we're sitting ducks here.
Annie: Max, that's very loud.
Gabrielle: I know I haven't known you long, but you two have some serious relationship shit you need to work out. So long, lovebirds. Oh, by the way, if you call the police, we'll kill you.

Megan: All right... I sincerely hope nobody followed you here.
Cassie: Nobody followed me here. I'm better than that. Come on. Hey, why are you freaking out on me?
Megan: I'm not. I'm not. I'm sorry. It's good to see you, but you being here is not good.
Cassie: What do you mean? You told me you needed help.
Megan: When did I ever say that? These messages. Hello, "bravo" means danger, "7700" means emergency, and bring the... The puffin keychain to the queen of Long Island. Okay, that's very sweet, but I'm not the queen of Long Island.
Megan: Cassie, I was asking you to bring the key to our friend Cherry, who works at the Queen Strip Club on Long Island. You just overshot a few thousand miles.
Cassie: Okay, your explanation is a lot better.
Megan: Now listen, that key is for a lockbox where I stashed evidence against the North Koreans.
Cassie: Jesus Christ, the North Koreans? Why didn't you just bring the box here with you?
Megan: I was trying to keep it safe, okay? 'Cause I want to use it to try to make some kind of deal because honestly, I don't know how much longer I can stay safe living on the I am like this.

Grace: Hey, it's Cassie, right?
Cassie: Hey, yeah.
Grace: That seemed weirdly intense with Jada. Is everything okay?
Cassie: Oh. ( chuckles ) Yeah. Thanks. I'm doing this whole "trying to be a good person" thing. It's hard.
Grace: Wow. Good for you. Yeah, good luck with that. I'm Grace, I'm not a good person, but I really respect your journey.
Grace: Yeah. Actually, I'm doing a bar night in Berlin. You should definitely come.
Cassie: Um, thank you for the invite, but I actually have to work when I get there.
Grace: Cool. Wait, you have work in Germany?
Cassie: Uh, yeah. It's like, uh, this computer thing. A little side gig, you know. Every penny counts.

Benjamin: You do good work, Bowden. But we both know you have a habit off getting too involved with your marks.
Cassie: Okay, that is quite the exaggeration, don't you think?
Benjamin: Tokyo? Madrid?
Cassie: Okay. No, no, that--
Benjamin: What about that absolutely insane stand-off you got in a Moscow restaurant you had to flee?
Cassie: That was not my fault, okay? That was an impulse thing. No, scratch that. That sounded bad. No, it wasn't. I just, I don't get a lot on these people. I get a photo and a name, and I'm very curious. Isn't that part of my job?
Benjamin: Bowden, if you have an operational issue with the way the CIA assigns--
Cassie: I don't. No, no, I don't. I just-- I like to go above and beyond, and sometimes in the moment, I get a little...
Benjamin: I'll stop you there.
Cassie: Yeah, you should.
Benjamin: You're not a CIA officer. You are a civilian asset, emphasis on the word "civilian." Please remember that for your safety.
Cassie: Benjamin, I hear you, and I get it, I promise.
Benjamin: Commit that photo to memory. I know that you carry them on you and that's a really bad idea.
Cassie: Consider it memorized.

Cassie: Oh, my God, LA traffic is insane, but I am not late. Mark that down in your little notepad.
Benjamin: If you're not early, you're late.
Cassie: Okay, Benjamin, that is an impossible bar I will never be able to reach. Also, why are we in a parking deck?
Benjamin: The office picked it for your convenience. I would've picked Hollywood Park Off Track Betting.
Cassie: Oh, you're a gambling man. I'm learning little bits and pieces about you.

Cassie: I'm not saying I'm gonna eat all these donuts but I'm definitely gonna eat all these donuts.
Brenda: The curse of giving up booze.
Cassie: You're my sponsor. Say something wise.
Brenda: I thought I was acing recovery once, until I burned my house down.
Cassie: Jesus, Brenda, why does every one of your stories have to end in some horrific trauma?
Brenda: I'm your sponsor because it helps me with my own recovery. If you want to eat the donuts, eat the donuts.

Cassie: Hi, I'm Cassie, and I'm an alcoholic.
Group: Hi, Cassie.
Cassie: Most of you know my story by now. Um, since I quit drinking, I've been making changes. I moved to LA. Started dating this great guy, Marco. Picked up a part-time job. But I'm still flying. I'm still a flight attendant. But I feel like I'm turning into this whole other person, like, in a really good way, you know? And I know what they say about moving too fast, you know, no big life changes in the first year, but, I'm two days away from being a year sober. I'm really excited, and I know, one day at a time and all, but I gotta tell you, just, my life and everything, it just all feels... pretty great.

I was going to run away with you.


I'm going to be disbarred. We can collect unemployment together.


Cassie: You don't think Miranda's coming, maybe ghosting me?
Alex: She might already be dead.

Cassie: Let's catch a killer.
Miranda: Who says that?

The Flight Attendant Quotes

Cassie: Oh, fuck. Who are you?
Ethan: I'm Ethan from last night.
Cassie: How did you get in here?
Ethan: We met at the bar.
Cassie: Yes, but you're in my apartment.
Ethan: You texted me right here, you told me to use the key above the door thing, the door frame. We were supposed to meet here at 2.
Cassie: Ethan, oh my god. OK, I'm starting to remember, I was very, very drunk. That's on me. OK, I'm sorry, I remember you now.

Cassie: Davey, hi, I really can't talk. I'm going to miss my flight.
Davey: Oh, yeah, I just wanted to check in about the New York trip real quick, cause, you know, Rick's getting nervous.
Cassie: Nervous? What are you talking about, and it's like weeks away. Isn't it?
Davey: Yeah, yes, it's four days away.
Cassie: Oh, shit, really?
Davey: Yeah, and the girls are excited to see their aunt Cassie, but they're beginning to realize she's a terrible planner.
Cassie: OK, put those knives away right now. That is not fair.