Diane: So Stef, what was the inspiration behind your tattoo?
Stef: Well with the kids going off to college and all, I wanted to do something special to keep them with us -- to keep them close. So, I came up with a family tree.
Diane: Well, it is special.

Jim: So Lena, if you do run for state assembly, what's your agenda going to be? More government spending and social welfare?
Diane: Jim, let's not discuss politics.
Jim: No, no, no. We need to be able to have polite discourse in this country.
Lena: No, I agree. I think my agenda would be to make sure less government didn't mean less access to equal healthcare, equal education, or more segregation by income and race. Then, of course, there's my gay agenda.
Jim: OK, you had me until gay agenda.
Diane: He's kidding.

Jamie: You look very happy.
Callie: Yeah, I got the clerkship with Judge Ingleman.
Jamie: Congratulations, wow. So, San Francisco.
Callie: Yeah.
Jamie: Very damp out there. Lots of humidity. Very few good hair days.
Callie: Well, I'll just have to suffer through.
Jamie: LA, however ... both year-round good hair days, in which case, you could possibly have a progressive influence on a conservative judge, as opposed to, you know, taking the path of least resistance with Ingleman, who's already fighting the good fight without you. And there is the added bonus of me living in LA, so you'll already have a friend. Even though I'm working for the evil empire.

Mariana: I had an idea.
Jesus: Yeah.
Mariana: What if we went to Europe together?
Jesus: Wait, for real?
Mariana: Yeah. You're my best friend. Don't tell Callie.
Jesus: I won't.

Corey: I saw my mom while you were gone
Stef: OK, did something happen to upset you?
Corey: No, no, she just she really wants me back.
Stef: OK, you know you don't have to go back to her if you don't want to.
Corey: I know. I, I'm just confused.
Lena: Oh honey. It's okay. It's okay to be confused.

I think. I thought I was ready to go away to school. Everyone else was at a big school except for Jesus, and I wanted to prove I could leave home and be okay, but I guess I wasn't. It's just so easy to feel lost, you know?


Jude: I miss everyone being home together before everyone went away.
Stef: I do too, bud I do, too.
Lena: When we were all here together we were bumping into each other, literally. But now we have to work a lot harder to keep in touch, and I'm really sorry that we didn't realize how much you've been struggling, honey.

Corey: So, I think ...
Stef: We know, bud. We know. It's ok. Of course, you want to be with your mom.
Lena: We're still going to be part of your life forever if you want us to be.
Corey: Of course I do. I love you guys.
Stef: We love you too, buddy.

Callie: By the way, I took the job in LA.
Mariana: With the conservative judge?
Jude: Why?
Callie: To be closer to you.

Lena: I can't imagine us not all sitting around this table together.
Jesus: Then we'll take the table with us.
Stef: And the memories.

Brandon: We made the right choice.
Callie: I know. If we would have chosen each other over the family, who knows what would have happened?
Brandon: We probably would have flamed out.
Callie: Definitely.
Brandon: And you know, who knows if we would even be in each other's lives anymore? This way I get to have you forever. You're my best friend.
Callie: You too. Don't tell Mariana.

Guys, ready to do this?


The Fosters Season 5 Episode 22 Quotes

Jamie: Hey.
Callie: I was wondering if you're still up for that drink.
Jamie: Uh, yeah, yeah, sure. Come on in.
Mariana: Hey.
Callie: Hey.

Hey, is Jesus here?

Emma [at Brandon's door]