Carter [crying]: I'm so messed up.
Jude: I know. It's OK. You're OK.
Carter: Will you stay until I fall asleep?
Jude: Sure.

Jesus: You just had to tell me about her job offer in India.
Mariana: What, so you would just rather her pass up this amazing opportunity and you never know about it?
Jesus: Yes, absolutely, because then we d still be together, but as usual, you can't shut your mouth about things that aren't your business. And when you decide which of your multiple job offers you want to take, please pick the one that's as far away from me as possible.

Eliza: Why don't you go back to your room and work on your short?
Brandon: Why so you can accuse me of not being present?

Callie: She thinks I don't want you to marry her.
Brandon: Maybe I don't want to marry her. I'm just suddenly questioning if she's the one.
Callie: Why are you having doubts? Because of the prenup?
Brandon: I mean, it's everything, you know? I'm suddenly questioning if she really even gets me, you know? Maybe nobody does.
Callie: I get you.
Brandon: You're the only person who has ever really taken care of me. Like when you found me at Coachella because you knew I would be there. If you hadn't brought me back I don't know what I would have done. I think you're the person that I trust most in the world.
Callie: Ditto.

Mat: Hey, you OK?
Mariana: I thought you'd be back in your room with Ashley by now.
Mat: Ashley's not the one I want to take back to my room.

Eliza: I don't want you to sign the prenup.
Brandon: Why?
Eliza: Callie's friend says it's not fair to you.
Brandon: Why would she tell you that?

Callie: I'm just trying to protect my brother.
Eliza: Your brother ...

Jim: So, Jude is the gay son?
Diane: Yeah, I think so.

Jamie: What were you and my sister talking about, the prenup?
Callie: You know about that? Have you read it?
Jamie: No, but I know my father, and I'm sure it's not entirely fair Brandon.

It's a wedding. Everyone gets nostalgic at weddings. Just try not to do something you'll regret later.


Jayden: Hey, so your brother. Does he have a girlfriend?
Mariana: He's gay.
Jayden: Really?
Ashley: Whats the story with Mat? Is he really in a rock band?
Mariana: That's the rumor.
Ashley: Isn't he your ex?
Mariana: Yeah, but Imean, if you're hot for him, go for it, but I should disclose that he gave me crabs.

Diane: Do your other adoptive kids ever see their real parents?
Stef: We're their real parents.
Diane: Oh, of course. I mean their real mothers and fathers.