I have no fear of scandal. I’m a walking scandal as it is.

Mrs. Chamberlain

Agnes Van Rhijn: I feel as if I’ve been watching a play in a foreign language.
Ada Brook: They’re young.
Agnes Van Rhijn: Is that an observation or an excuse?
Ada Brook: Both.

Whoever achieved great things without taking a chance?

Mrs. Russell

You are glad to be ordered to march into Hell and to dance with the Devil?

Agnes Van Rhijn

If I don’t maintain standards, what is the point of me?

Mrs. Astor

A very nice anchor around a very willing neck.

Mr. Tom Raikes

Life's quite serious enough, without any help from me.

Mr. John Adams

What can I say? I like to win.

Oscar Van Rhijn

Did you think it was right before, and now you’re sorry because you got caught?

Mr. George Russell

Right now could you put down your sword and have some coffee?

Mrs. Dorothy Scott

We don’t have a choice in the matter, Mr. McAllister. We must go where history takes us.

Mrs. Bertha Russell

Get back in your cave.


The Gilded Age Quotes

I may be a bastard, Mr. Thorburn, but you are a fool -- and of the two, I think I know which I prefer.

Mr. George Russell

I know he feels what he thinks is love, but I disagree with his definition.

Peggy Scott