Susan Blane appeals to me mostly because she's quite unlike those suitable young ladies, and I'm fairly certain you don't want me to elaborate on that.


Gladys: Your former lady's made is now your neighbor in Newport?
Larry: Welcome to America.

Mr. McAllister: I'm not sure it's terribly helpful to suggest Mrs. Blane is too old to watch tennis.
Mrs. Russell: I just didn't want her to be trapped in a crowd of shouting young men from Harvard.
Mr. McAllister: Oh, I think she'll enjoy it.

Agnes: Mr. Morgan sounds perfect.
Ada: Really, Agnes. Why don't you just run up to Fifth Avenue and stop any carriage that has a man inside?
Agnes: If I did, I doubt I would know his mother.

Armstrong: I confess I am surprised.
Peggy: That I did you a favor?
Armstrong: No, not exactly. I'm surprised you were allowed back into this house.
Peggy: I have no quarrel with you, Miss Armstrong. I mean it. But I promise you do not want one with me.

You mustn't be afraid to fail, or you will never succeed.


Marriage is not the place to look for freedom.


Of one thing, I am sure. You can do better than Mr. Oscar van Rhijn.


Of one thing, I am sure. That you can do better than Mr. Oscar van Rhijn.


Our family has done a great many things that are not what a real family does.


I understand these marriages of convenience take place in every fashionable church in this city, but I want more than that for my child!


The Spring family has asked us to join them in their grief for Easter, so that is what we shall do.


The Gilded Age Quotes

I may be a bastard, Mr. Thorburn, but you are a fool -- and of the two, I think I know which I prefer.

Mr. George Russell

I know he feels what he thinks is love, but I disagree with his definition.

Peggy Scott