Man: Let's do this. I'm gonna need another surgery. Was is this? My 10th?
Andrews: 11th.

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Shaun: I wish I was normal.
Claire: Everyone wishes they were normal. You need to get up and shower and shave and go to work and not because your patients need you, but because it will make you feel better.

I get it. I'm a screw-up. But Wes isn't. He came and got me when I was too messed up to drive. He cleaned me up after fights. If I stay out of jail... if I'm a father someday... if I'm not a lost cause, it's because of Wes. He doesn't deserve to die.


Morgan: Find someone who loves you the way you are.
Shaun: People always say that, but shouldn't we be with someone who makes us want to be a better version of ourselves?
Morgan: Maybe. But trying not to be autistic won't make you better.

Park: Some of this is on you. Every time we talk you don't tell me anything about your life.
Cal: That's because you don't want to know.
Park: That's not true.
Cal: Yes it is! You're saving patients 100 hours a week. You don't want to feel guilty so you ask if I'm okay because you want me to be. So I tell you I'm fine.

Claire: Her husband wasn't wrong. Sometimes you have to accept that things are as good as they get. Otherwise you're just setting yourself up for disappointment.
Shaun: What good does it do to give up if you're already heartbroken?

Alice's husband: They almost killed you in front of your daughter.
Alice: She wasn't supposed to be here.
Alice's husband: Because you said you were visiting your sister. Since when do we lie to each other?

Shaun: I can learn to be comfortable with your way of doing things. I can handle your messiness and your neediness and your selfishness.
Lea: Shaun. Stop. Your way of showing me that you are attentive to my needs is to call me out of work with no notice to go all the way across town so you can show me you unalphabetized your beans.

Melendez: I don't think you make people fall in love with you. They either do or they don't.
Shaun: That is not true. Everyone starts not in love with you and then they are.

You hear that guys? Heroin and Hep C aren't as fun as they sound. One is more fun than the other.


Melendez: You've been through this before.
Woman: 17 times. 18 times if you count the homeopathic doctor. Nobody has been able to figure out what's wrong with me.

Glassman: Why are you ignoring my messages? Are you sad because of Lea?
Shaun: Yes, I am sad, but it is going to be okay.
Glassman: Of course it will. I know you are upset about Lea but -
Shaun: I'm still going to be with Lea.

The Good Doctor Quotes

Hello, I'm Dr. Shaun Murphy. I'm a surgical resident at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital.


Aren’t we judged by how we treat people? I don’t mean as doctors. I mean as people. Especially those who don’t have the same advantages that we have. We hire Shaun and we give hope to those people with limitations that those limitations are not what they think they are. That they do have a shot! We hire Shaun and we make this hospital better for it. We hire Shaun and we are better people for it.

Dr. Aaron Glassman