Nelly: Did you find Mommy?
Hugh: I found her.
Nelly: Is she okay?
Hugh: She's okay now.

Nelly: He loves it.
Hugh: How do you know that?
Nelly: It's a twin thing.

This house is bad, Dad. It's bad.


These will help with the cold. And the other thing.

Olivia [to Theo]

Foster father: What are you, um, looking at?
Theo: Your smile.

She fucking knew better. And she did it anyway.

Theo [to Shirley]

Shirley: My kids are going to ask me how she died.
Theo: And you'll tell them.
Shirley: Tell them what? She killed herself? Aunty Nelly killed herself.
Theo: Yes. That's better than lying.

Theo: It's kids like us who've been through more than other kids. We're tougher than other kids. We're really good builders. We make ourselves really safe. And no one ever gets in.
Kelsey: Mr. Smiley does.

Steven: Nelly's dead.
Luke: How?
Steven: It was suicide.
Luke: No, it wasn't.

Just because someone is a good person. Just because you care about them doesn't mean they won't burn you.

Steven [to Luke]

Nelly: You're scared. I can tell.
Luke: How?
Nelly: Cuz I'm scared.

Nell is in the red room.