Doctor you know this, in the 14th century the Black Death wiped out 60% of the European population. The plague killed indescriminitely. The artists, scientists, thinkers, so few and precious to begin with were wiped out. It upended the social order and prolonged the Dark Ages 150 years. I cannot let that happen here.

Amy Granderson

Amy Granderson: As vice chair of the President's defense policy board I was briefed on your mission to the Arctic. I knew the risks of the coming pandemic and I had my daughter transferred to your ship. You must forgive me.
Chandler: No apology needed ma'am your daughter's been an incredible asset.

Chandler: We have a vaccine?
Rachel: We don't just have a vaccine. We have the cure.
Chandler: You mean?
Rachel: I mean that we can save people who are already sick.

Tex: What's this whole human guinea pig thing gonna look like? I mean basically you infect the crew with the virus and see what happens?
Rachel: Well not the entire crew. Six individuals of varying blood and genetic markings.

Chandler: God dammit. He had to send her.
Tex: Right? I mean I was standin' right there. She could have passed me the note.

Did you really think that your DNA could save the human race.


Tex: How about The Great Escape?
Chandler: It's kind of hard to tunnel out of a ship.
Tex: You got a point there. Have you ever seen Papillion?
Chandler: Are we just doing Steve McQueen flicks? What about Escape from Alcatraz?

Slattery: Let me just say what you're doing is very brave. I'm proud to know ya.
Rachel: You make it sound like goodbye.
Slattery: I'll see ya for breakfast.

Russian: Hey! No talk! Or I kiss your ass.
Tex: You mean KICK my ass!
Russian: Just shut up your head, OK?

I have the vaccine. The money survived. The last damned monkey!


Please tell me that was some kind of a code.


Hugh: They don't need to know about the village, El Toro.
Mike: Our lovely dinner.
Hugh: The sick people or how close we were to them.

The Last Ship Season 1 Quotes

What do we tell the crew?
Chandler. Everything. We tell them everything.


Are you telling me the whole world is dying and they sent two people to save it?