Laurie: I was pregnant.
Kevin: What?
Laurie: I was pregnant. Sixteen weeks.
Kevin: I don't..what? When?
Laurie: Seven years ago tomorrow. I was lying in the doctor's office looking at the ultrasound, staring right at it, and then it was gone.

Laurie: Are you scared?
Kevin: Scared of what?
Laurie: Scared of them strapping you to a seesaw until you drown?
Kevin: The last time it happened, where I went, it was so real. Maybe I was dead, but I had never felt so alive. No. I'm not scared.
Laurie: Then I'm not scared, either.
Kevin: And it could work. I could come back.
Laurie: I really hope you do.
Kevin: Will you stay?
Laurie: I can't.

Senior: I hear you were with the good Reverand Jamison. He coming to?
Laurie [shakes her head]: No. He gave me something for you, though. He says he's sorry he didn't put you in his fucking book.
Senior: Who torched it?
Laurie: Your son. Is he here?
Senior: Right now, he's off having himself a think.
Laurie: About what?
Senior: We asked him to die. Again.

Whatever is happening here? I want to be a part of it.


Nora: You can take the van, I don't need it anymore.
Laurie: Do you want to drive or should I?
Matt: Actually, I think I'm going to stay here for awhile. People should be with their families, right?
Nora: OK.
Matt: Can you give this to Senior and tell him I'm sorry I didn't put him in my fucking book? And tell Kevin I'm sorry I did.

So is this the part where you call the DSD and shut this operation down?


Matt: They don't look like physicists to me.
Nora: What do physicists look like?
Matt: I don't know. Shouldn't they be wearing lab coats or something?

Kevin: Wait! I've got your lighter.
Laurie: Keep it. I quit.
Kevin: Is Nora gone?
Laurie: We're all gone.
Kevin: Goodbye, Laurie.
Laurie: Goodbye, Kevin.

Laurie: Well, so everybody wants something. A brain, a heart, courage. Kevin's in the Emerald City. He's the one who's going to give it to you.
Senior: Alright, Dorothy. Let's have it. Tell us we're lunatics.
Laurie: Yeah, it sounds crazy. But these are crazy times.

Laurie: Do you want Kevin to ask Evie why she left her family?
John: No. I asked him to give her a message. I want him to tell Evie she was loved.
Laurie: That's beautiful, John.

Matt: What happened?
Laurie: Kevin's at a ranch with his father.
Nora: That's good. Tomorrow's a big day. We should ALL be with family.

Senior [trying to start a car with a screwdriver]: What the fuck? You steal this thing?
Laurie: Says the man who just assaulted an officer of the law.
Senior: Eh, he'll be fine. I had no choice. His chief's in a tarp under the Goddamned church. He was heading right for him.

The Leftovers Quotes

They're heroes because nobody's going to come to a parade for "we don't know what the fuck happened" day.


Tom: You know Mr. Witten, you don't have to be such a dick. You're gonna forget you ever felt this way.
Congressman Witten: What way?
Tom: Burdened.