Did you even look at us before you let Alec take us away?


I know she's the more improved version, I get that a lot.

Sutton [about Emma]

We played along with the lie. We became the lie.


Just to let you know, I'm choosing you Ethan. It's always been you.


There's another Sutton and her name's Emma.


It was you people, with all your secrets and lies. Someone here did this, I'm gonna find out who.


I've lived with you for 16 years and I never needed shared DNA as a reason to love you.

Laurel [to Sutton]

I know a huge part of you wants me to be guilty for one reason, but I'm not.

Alec [to Thayer]

Emma, even though we're not together anymore, what we had meant everything to me. In some ways it still does.


No offense guys, but at some point you're going to have to stop being surprised by things that man did in the mid-90s.

Sutton [about Alec]

Laurel: I mean, we suspected it.
Emma: I know but he confirmed it, Laurel. We're sisters. We're related by blood.

Alec, he's the one that arranged your whole adoption, under the table of course. And I know that was wrong but how can I regret that? It gave me you.

Ted [to Emma]

The Lying Game Season 2 Quotes

When our embryos split, you got all the heart.

Sutton [to Emma]

Ted and me. My two twin daughters. The family that should've been.