Max, you may now kaboom.

Look, I know you're miss techno gal and all, but I can follow a red dot moving on a map.

Billy [talking to Meredith]

Hey! That's my Christmas list, but feel free to write all over it.


The big ones are always so slow.

Meredith [after knocking a suspect down]

Jake: What's with he hair?
Laura: I got into a fight with my hairdryer.

Zip it with the Santini.

Captain Santiani

Two guts don't make a right.

Captain Santiani

Next time you take a swing at a cop, don't miss.


Why do men insist on carrying big ass keys in their pockets?

Jake: What would it take for me to get a second chance?
Laura: You are relentless. For the last time, I am still working on forgiving you.

[after opening the door to reporters] It's officially ugly.

Damn I'm good!


The Mysteries of Laura Quotes

I need to find a preschool for criminals.


You were determined to get revenge and you did.