Michael: Why do I need to explain everything?
Pam: Because we're usually not on the same page.

Have you tried making everything smaller?


Pam: Maybe we can put the box back together.
Dwight: Impossible. He opened it like an ape.

This chord has Creed written all over it.


Just 'cause you have liquid, that doesn't make it a toast.


Michael: I've got a big box, Yes, I do! I've got a big box, How 'bout you?
Erin: I've got a big box, Yes, I do! I've got a big box,How 'bout you?
Oscar: I think you don't know what you're saying.

You've been shown a nonsensical video. You're probably wondering what's going on. Well, you're not alone.


Talk about vacation daaaays!


[to Phyllis and Bob] Get a room, Santas!


Oh man! I can use this for so many nuts! Macadamias, Brazil nuts, pecans, almonds ... clams, snails ...


Jim: Wait. We haven't gone under. We've been sold. That could mean many different things.
Michael: It's hard for me to imagine a scenario in which Meredith Palmer keeps her job and David Wallace does not. No offense Meredith.
Meredith: No, I get it.

You know what? Christmas isn't about Santa. Or Jesus. It's about the workplace. All of you feel like my family. Ryan, you are my son. Pam, you are my wife. Jim ... Angela and Phyllis, you are my grandmas. Stanley, you are ... our mailman. I can't help but look at your wonderful beautiful faces and wonder, how they could do this to us!


The Office Season 6 Quotes

Hi I'm Date Mike. Nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning.


'R' is among the most menacing of sounds. That's why they call it murder and not mukduk.