[to Rebekah] It's okay to be scared, and we are all vulnerable, but weak? No. Let me tell you something. Klaus is the smartest person I have ever met. Elijah is...the stuffiest. You're the strongest. No matter what body you're in.


Funny, isn't it? I've lived a thousand years and now I'm stuck in a body that might swallow me whole.


If there's one thing I've learned in this town, it's that we do better when we're not alone.


You know, you all seem to think this is a democracy, and I assure you it is not!


The truth is Elijah and Rebekah can be a bit naive when it comes to family relations. Case in point, their unending faith in me. I repay that loyalty by guarding them against treachery they cannot see and I sense that you are treacherous indeed.


[to Jackson] The only way you can stay Alpha is by always staying the strongest.


Marcel: I thought I told you to stay put.
Rebekah: Well, I hate being told what to do so I ignored you.