We must give him a good life. Whoever he becomes


The blackest abyss is a pock in the flesh when one has gazed in solitude upon the infinity of self.


Heveena: My name is Heveena. I wish to enter testimony.
Kagus: Absolutely not! This... freak is an offence to the tribunal
Mercer: Dude, you have been a colossal dick all friggin' day. Shut the hell up.

Kagus: Dr. Finn, it is my understanding that you refused to perform the gender alteration procedure on the child in question. Is that correct?
Dr. Finn: That's right. No ethical doctor anywhere would do it.
Kagus: Captain Mercer, tell me about your penis.
Mercer: Uh, did I miss a segue of some kind here?

Malloy: I'm going to need a pair of pants brought to the landing site.
Moclan: We will have pants waiting for you.
Grayson: He's kidding.
Malloy: No, I'm not.

Between soul and sacrifice, beats the soul of civilization.


Vorak: You are... very fragile, Captain Mercer. Are you aware of this?
Mercer: There's an anti-bullying law named after me. Yes, I'm aware of it.

Grayson: So to you people, being a woman is like having chronic diarrhea.
Mercer: Kell, I think we should focus...
Grayson: Hey doc, I'm not feeling well. I've had the tits all day.

Vorak: I do not see any complication. The child will be taken to Moclas where she will undergo the corrective procedure.
Grayson: Don't start passing out penises just yet, Captain Vorak.

Bortus: Your parents made this decision for you. You do not know what your life would've been like.
Klyden: I would've been an outcast. Do not pretend otherwise.
Bortus: Or perhaps you would've achieved glory for guiding Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.

Bortus: I have witnessed events that have opened my eyes. We do not know what kind of future we are taking from her. She may be destined to do great things. As a female.
Klyden: Impossible.
Bortus: Klyden, you must hear the tale of Rudolph.

Bortus: Please watch the child for me. I must find Klyden
Malloy: Yeah, no problem
LaMarr: He just left his baby with two drunk dudes.
Malloy: Reminds me of my dad. Ah, I miss him.

The Orville Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Yaphit: And then there's this cough. *cough* *cough* right?
Dr. Finn: You don't have lungs which means you don't have a cough.

Dr. Finn: Yaphit, there's nothing wrong with you
Yaphit: Oh, I'm pretty sure there is, doc. I haven't been retaining fluids like I usually do. My quarters look like a swamp. It's a mess.