Grayson: Guys, it's perfect. Thank you.
Cassius: You really captured her essence. Deep down, She truly is a cartoon.

Mikkal: The Celestial Advisory has confirmed, Prefect. It's a star.
Prefect: Call an emergency session.
Mikkal: What does it mean?
Prefect: Change.

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Warden: Y'know, you have my pity.
Grayson: Your wife has mine.

We look for patterns in the natural world around us. It's in our blood. We're desperate to find meaning. But sometimes, a star is just a star.


Your world is no longer just this planet. When you sent that message, you invited yourselves into a galaxy packed with thousands of different cultures. You might want to start being a little more open-minded.


We actually have this crazy system where we judge people by their actions not their birthdates. It's kind of wacky, I know.


Murderous instincts reside within every Giliac, either deeply buried or on the surface. Stars don't lie.


We all do better when we all do better.


Dr. Finn: We decided a long time ago that forcing people to toil relentlessly in the pursuit of material wealth was an unnatural state for our species to exist in.
Physicist: So, it really is a utopia. No societal burdens.
Mercer: I mean, we still have, like, in-laws and things like that but we've come a long way. We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at happiness.

Our currency is reputation. An individual's wealth is determined by their individual achievements, not their monetary value.


In the vast emptiness of the universe, we have found a fullness of cultural diversity. And when a first contact unfolds like this, the cosmos becomes a living, breathing organism so that, within that emptiness, we become a way for the universe to know itself.


A friend is a second self. And, until today, the only friends we knew were our fellow Regorians. But our world has grown, immeasurably, overnight. For the first time in the history of our species, we can count among our friends, not just our countrymen, but the people who live among the stars. We welcome you.


The Orville Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Dr. Finn: What do we know about these people from the initial communication?
Mercer: They're awaiting our arrival and they've given us landing coordinates. Other than that, nothing. That's the fun part.

Mercer: You'll give me a heads up if you're going to hit me, yeah?
Keyali: I can't promise that, sir.