Holly: An outsider knows an outsider.
Ralph: What else is out there?

I told you not to shoot.


Holly: Why children?
El Cuco: They taste the sweetest.

Will the real Claude Bolton please stand up!

El Cuco

It's in the cave ... waiting.


Do you people know anything about stopping this thing? Because it's going to come for my brother next.


Andy: He's hungry.
Ralph: And now hungrier still.

Ralph: Is there anything more that you can tell us about this man?
Man: Weird eyes.

Jeannie: Are you going just to appease me?
Ralph: Certainly not.

Be careful wherever you're going.


Claude: Shouldn't you be out there working with them?
Seale: Yeah, I probably should.

Holly: Here is what I intend to do today, by myself if I have to. If this entity, if this Cuco is in the process of becoming Claude Bolton, and your information puts him in this town, I am going to out there to try to isolate him.
Ralph: Isolate him from...
Holly: Harm. Blame.
Jeannie: Because, when it starts its killing, Claude's identity will be all over the victims.
Holly: I could be the witness who saves him from a prosecution. I could be the witness who puts a spotlight on this thing's existence, because a human being can not exist in two realities at the same time. When you discovered that footage of Terry in a hotel sixty miles away from where he was supposedly killing Frankie Peterson, it had to run, because of the reinvestigation it knew had to happen. I think it needs to stay in one place for weeks at a time after it kills to regain strength to complete the transformation, but it had to run before it was ready when it was too weak to fend for itself which is why it made a slave out of Jack.

The Outsider Quotes

Ralph: I'm as baffled by this conflicting evidence as you are. His prints are all over the crime scene, but the TV footage puts him sixty miles away.
Officer: He can't have been in two places at once.

For the what?

Terrence Matland. I'm arresting you for the murder of Frankie Peterson. Terry