Thank you for shopping Purge USA stores. We blow out, so you can blow 'em away.


If people could be addicted to violence, well then, that goes against everything the NFFA says about releasing rage and all that.


That just gives the government more reason to suppress dissent. Think about it, if they're lying about The Purge, what else could they be covering up?


Eli, listen. Whoever told you that Purging gets you what you want, they lied.


The vast majority of domestic Purges are committed by the spouse.


Oh, and another thing. Preserve the meat.

Farm Dude

It's OK, kid. Not everybody has the stomach for it.

Farm Dude

Ryan: Is this seat taken? No? Good. I'm not catching you at a bad time, am I?
Esme: Uh, d, do I know you?
Ryan: I don't know. You certainly seem to. Why were you following me yesterday?

Ryan: You know, there's a very good man is facing death because of people like you. It must feel powerful to seal someone's fate with a few simple keystrokes.
Esme: No, it doesn't. It doesn't feel good at all, but when someone breaks the law, I have no choice. It's my job.

What the fuck?!


Hey, what happens on Purge Night stays on Purge Night. But I did get pictures of the Suicide Bridge as proof.


Michelle: But you would never Purge anyone. Honey, you are not that kind of person.
Marcus: Well, maybe I'm changing. We almost died last night, and everything is different now. We need to know who did this. But whatever happens, I will keep you safe. I promise.

The Purge Quotes

We are the scarred, the beaten, the souls irreparably damaged, and it is that shared pain that allows us to understand each other so deeply. Tonight, that suffering ends, my darlings. I will be your guide into the invisible where there is no pain, only love. The Giving Time is near. Let us ready.

Robed Leader Woman

Mr. Bettencourt: We're making a deal with the devil, babe.
Mrs. Bettencourt: We're taking the devil's money and we're going to do great things with it.