Once a Countess, always a Countess.


Is she interning?


Bethenny: Isn't it like Indian Summer?
Carole: Well some call it global warming.

Sonja: I do want him to fly straight.
LuAnn: Don't worry he's going to get his wings clipped if he doesn't.

I don't think there's a hat that could fit LuAnn's head.


Let's face it, meeting me when I'm hungry, you're not meeting me at my best.


Hannah: I'm rolling in dough right now.
Dorinda: I hope you weren't rolling anywhere to get that.

I really miss New York. I miss the taxis, I miss that you can order chicken noodle soup at 5 o'clock in the morning, I miss, actually, wearing black.


The mugshot was so embarrassing, my eyebrows looked crazy... but I did at least have my lashes on.


I just can't hold a conversation with someone who thinks what she reads in a Facebook comment is actually news.


There was no love story, it was a tryst.


Let's toast to your marriage, I hope you don't fall on your face with him. I only want the best for you.