You're our north star. You always have been.

Grover [to Sarah]

If [Paul and Ellen] can face their demons, so can we.

Sarah [to Danny]

I've taken so much from you that it's about time I gave something back.

Paul [to Sarah]

If you want a war, I will give you the nuclear version.

Corinne [to Adam]

Ellen [to Paul[: Apparently I'm a meme, whatever that means.

You did the right thing. You should be in a parade, not a prison.

Sarah [to Paul]

Some day soon you'll have a chance to redeem yourself. So be ready.

Paul [to Sarah]

For once in your life, Danny, be there.

Corinne [to Danny]

I know what it's like growing up with a father who runs at the first sign of trouble. Josh doesn't deserve that. Nobody does.

Sarah [to AJ]

It's weird. You're acting parental, so stop.

Sarah [to Ellen and Paul]

Welcome to rich people's problems.

Paul [to Sarah]

I don't understand why you're not hunting Adam down like a 12-point buck.

Sarah [to Corinne]

The Republic of Sarah Quotes

Sarah: Someone I know kept crashing into me in the pit last night.
Grover: It's a punk show. You're supposed to go home sore.
Sarah: I'm not complaining. You can crash into me whenever you want.

A.J.: What time did you get home last night.
Sarah: Does 6 a.m. still count as last night?
A.J.: Somebody had a fun evening.