Irving: It seems you, Pravesh, could be a father.
Devon: There's no way that baby is my son. Nadine would've told me.
Irving: You sure? Nadine did say she had a surprise, that's the definition of a surprise.

Rose: I was rough on you yesterday. I'm sorry.
Cain: I could've been less rough.

Conrad: You should go back to PT. You are on medical leave. Rose is my patient, I got this.
Rose: He can stay. He's a friend.
Hundley: I didn't know he had those.

Nadine: This is Azad.
Devon: Azad... is he?
Nadine: Wow, you should see your face right now. Sit. Devon, no, he's not yours. He's only two months old.

Myra: I set up marriages between Indian-Americans in Atlanta.
Irving: You don't say?
Devon: Stop.
Myra: Please, I'm all over this. No ring, a faint look of desperation. You're available.
Irving: He definitely is.
Devon: No, he's not.

So, I put the baby in danger to save myself or myself in danger to save the baby? What do I do?


Myra: What's your type?
Devon: I don't have a type.
Jessica: Yes, he has a type. Dr. Pravesh's type is unavailable, either emotionally, geographically, or both.
Myra: Interesting. Next question, when your last relationship ended, what did you feel you were missing out on?
Jessica: I have this one. A baby. I'm sorry, Irving tells me everything.

Bell: Wow, I hope that little girl realizes how lucky she is.
Kit: She won't. They never do.
Jake: Her name's Lucy.
Kit: Look who just became Gramps.
Bell: I think I like it.

Mina: My attorney filed for an appeal, but it will be months before a decision is made either way. The Visa expires next week.
Nic: So we fight, and we continue to fight.
Mina: If it doesn't work I'll be deported, and it will be very unlikely for me to be able to return to the country. If I go to Nigeria on my own accord, I can apply to return in the future.
Nic: But it's not guaranteed.
Mina: No, it's not, which is why I need you to prepare for the worst.

AJ: You're giving me a patient who needs an extremely bloody surgery and asking me not to spill any blood?
Conrad: Yup.
AJ: Got it.

Mina: I want you to know that you have made me a better surgeon.
AJ: Well, I don't get around, but I feel the same. And I am a better person because of you, and you know the best part of it all is our journey has only just begun, Mina Okafor.

You know coming out in the south and living in the open like this, it's great now, but it wasn't always this easy. We're not going to start our life with a lie.


The Resident Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Mina: I spoke to my mother too.
AJ: Finally. Great, what did she say?
Mina: She had been working the OR for hours today. There aren't enough Nigerian surgeons. The system is crumbling and people are dying.
AJ: Yeah, it's terrible.
Mina: It's because good Nigerian surgeons leave, come to America. Like me. I am part of the problem. I thought about sending supplies and starting a program, but none of it is enough. My mother will not always be able to sustain this many surgeries a day. She needs help.
AJ: Mina, we'll get her help. We'll find mentors in the area. We'll find.
Mina: No, AJ, no. This is the answer to my visa problem. It's the answer to everything. I don't want to fight anymore. Leave on my own before I can get deported. I'm going back to Nigeria.
AJ: I'm coming with you.

Rose: I was rough on you yesterday. I'm sorry.
Cain: I could've been less rough.